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January 6, 2022
Advertising Agency on Hilton Head
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Circle C Farm Leads the Agricultural Industry with Strong Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Online Marketing

Watch and listen as Nicole describes how she got into farming and what it's like to live on a modern, successful farm in Florida in 2022.

Special Interview with One of Our Favorite Digital Marketing & Social Media Clients: Meet Nicole Cruz, owner of Circle C Farm

Circle C Farm is a family owned and operated farm in both Lee & Hendry Counties, located in Southwest Florida. Cruz's family farm is your best source for 100% pasture raised, truly free ranging, grass-fed and grass finished meats.

Watch and listen as Nicole describes how she got into farming and what it's like to live on a modern, successful farm in Florida in 2022. She also discusses her experience working with BaggottsBOTs Digital Marketing Agency in regards to web design, advertising, creating a professional mobile friendly website and user interface, content marketing and more. Cruz explains how happy she is with her new website design, site architecture, and recent content marketing that Baggott's team has provided over the last 6 months.

What is Circle C Farm & Why Are They Such a Big Deal?

The farm is located in both Lee and Hendry counties, in southwest Florida, so they have plenty of space to raise beef cattle.  In fact, they have a total of 1,200 acres. The cattle are free to roam from sunup to sundown over the entire acreage that Circle C has available. No fences or gates restrict them from moving around as they please. Their pens and feedlots are in a completely different area of the farm.

The cow's at Circle C Farm are entirely grass fed and grass finished. Given the fact that this farm is a 100% pasture raised, grass fed and grass finished, the livestock growing on Circle C Farm's pastures get to enjoy a stress free life as they are rotated on to new and grassy pastures every couple of days. They don't get any hormones or antibiotics, which is important for us to recognize since this is a highly marketable feature of her farm.  

The cattle are rotated across pastures with electric fencing.  This allows the grass to grow at a natural pace and helps it to remain nutrient-rich.

Nicole and her team at Circle C Farm are one of a kind in that they sell their meats and eggs DTC who order online, but they also have an incredible store located in Bonita Springs. They're one of the few farms in the region that sells 100% pasture-raised, genuinely free ranging, grass-fed and grass-finished meats. Their eggs are also pasture-raised and all natural, as they should be. Nicole and her staff have built an incredible direct to consumer business.

Who is Ryan Baggott & What is BaggottsBOTs Digital Marketing Agency in Bluffton?

BaggottsBOTs is a Hilton Head and Bluffton-based web design and marketing agency that was founded by Ryan Baggott. His small but mighty marketing agency team of professionals help their clients with internet marketing services such as website design, social media marketing, custom business application development, and more. Baggott is also widely known for his powerful data-driven app called, Tap The Table. TTT powers conversational commerce online for businesses & brands in nearly every major industry, and as of 2022 the app has tracked over $25M in client revenue since launch.

Ryan Baggott is an industry leader in digital marketing, and has over a decade of high-level experience helping businesses across many different industries. He's hosted over 100 podcast episodes since 2020 about everything from today's web design to online branding, social media marketing and much more.  

Get more information about our web design services, social media marketing services, graphic design, and of course our technology, Tap The Table at

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