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Our #1 Goal as a Local Digital Marketing Agency is simple: to exceed our clients' expectations. By ensuring that we maintain such a high level of customer satisfaction, we're confident that we'll achieve our 2nd Goal: to become widely known as the best Digital Marketing Agency in Bluffton & Hilton Head Island, SC and beyond.

In 2010, Ryan was attending the University of South Carolina in Beaufort and worked part-time at the local Hilton Garden Inn on Hilton Head Island.

Baggott was fortunate enough to receive a few awards and honors while working at the local hotel. From the college courses he was in the middle of taking, he had a clear understanding of what world-class guest service entailed and liked putting that knowledge to use.

He was eventually recognized with the prestigious, "Spirit of the Garden," award, which was the greatest possible distinction available to Hilton hotel employees worldwide. It appeared that Ryan was on track to grow in his career in Hospitality Management.

Fall of 2011
After one of his college professors suggested him to a local Bluffton restaurant in need of a new website and an improved marketing strategy, Ryan was able to take on his first paid digital marketing client.

In fact, that professor became one of Ryan's most important mentors & best friends.

Later, Ryan Baggott's early involvement had a significant influence on the fast-growing pizza restaurant's rise in popularity. Today, the pizzeria that started it all for Ryan is one of the most recognized restaurant franchises in the Lowcountry!

Early 2012
Baggott Exits Traditional Workforce & Enters Freelance Life

The next several clients Baggott retained were mostly high-end resorts in Florida. These clients were usually referrals from Ryan's former job over at the resort on Hilton Head Island.

"The first DBA name I used was Social Media Networking Solutions, because even way back then, I know there was going to be a lot more out there than just Facebook Marketing to leverage."

- Ryan Baggott

Late 2012
Ryan Baggott Begins Creating Social Media Video Content for Bud Light

Thanks for a connection in Charleston, SC over at Bud Light, Baggott was quickly becoming one of the top professional content creators in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry region.

"Best Practices" in the Social Media Marketing Industry Become More Defined

Ryan's Digital Marketing Agency near Hilton Head Island is now successfully managing the social media for 30+ brands in the South Eastern part of the United States.

There are more boutique digital marketing consultants and agencies now appearing in the United States at this time to cater to the ravenous demand for social media success.

Baggott is offered a Senior Social Media Manager role at huge traditional Marketing Agency, formerly known as BFG Communications in Bluffton, SC.

This is is the marketing agency and creative shop where Ryan got 100% of his traditional agency experience. He saw the good, the bad, and the down right ugliness that goes on the today's "Big Ad Agency" world.

Baggott joins a former long-time 3rd party client, the SERG Restaurant Group, as Digital Marketing Manager. At age 26, Ryan is directing all digital marketing initiatives for the top 17 restaurant concepts on Hilton Head Island & Bluffton, SC
In 2019, Baggott departs his role at the restaurant group as a result of the many exciting digital marketing possibilities that kept coming his way.

Ryan consumed as much information about the technical intricacies of e-commerce, automation, and artificial intelligence as he could during the next several months.
🚀 TAP THE TABLE launches
Baggott begins to have considerable success with building out his sophisticated automation and artificial intelligence technologies for local companies in the Lowcountry.

To organize and scale his business, Ryan created the application called, Tap The Table. In September, the app is officially released.
In the last 24 months, Baggott has been concentrating on continuing to solve critical issues that large companies, brands, and manufacturers confront on an on-going basis.

My mission is simple and that's for BaggottsBOTs to become widely known as best absolute best Digital Marketing Agency in Bluffton & Beyond.

When your business is ready to grow, I want you to think of my marketing agency first.

- Ryan Baggott, Founder of BaggottsBOTs

Ryan Baggott and his growing team at BaggottsBOTs Digital Marketing Agency in Bluffton are ready to help your business get to the next level.

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