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December 26, 2022
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Now Hiring McRobots Only. Humans Need Not Apply at McDonald's Anymore

Get ready for a new kind of dining experience, because the future is here. McDonald's has just opened its first restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas without human workers.

Will AI & Automation Put an End of Fast Food as We Know It In 2023?

Get ready for a new kind of dining experience, because the future is here. McDonald's has just opened its first restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas without human workers. Instead, the restaurant is run entirely by automation and advanced AI.

RoboRonald is here to serve your McFavorites

This new venture is part of McDonald's larger goal that features an "Order Ahead Lane" where customers can receive their orders via a food and beverage conveyor, as well as a delivery pick-up room, kiosks for placing orders to go, and even dedicated parking spaces for curbside order pick-up and delivery drivers. This new restaurant concept uses cutting edge technology that allows the restaurant team to begin preparing orders when customers are close to the restaurant so that they can concentrate more on order speed and accuracy. Let’s take a deeper look at how this new concept is changing the way we dine out.

Why Waste Time Standing in Line When You Have Better Things to Do?

The Order Ahead Lane is where customers can place their orders ahead of time and receive them via food and beverage conveyors once they arrive at the restaurant. This means that customers don't have to wait in line anymore; instead, they can save time by ordering ahead and picking up their meals when they arrive.

This also allows restaurants to streamline operations while ensuring that customer orders are accurate--no more waiting in line wondering if you got what you asked for!

Big Screen Kiosks For Place Orders To Go  (be sure to wash your hands after touching those screens, bleh!)

The Kiosks For Place Orders To Go provide customers with an easy way to place their orders without ever having to leave their car or wait in line. Customers can simply pull up to one of the kiosks, use it to place an order, pay, and have it delivered straight to their car--all without ever getting out of their vehicle! This makes it easy for busy customers who don’t have time to wait in line or get out of their cars just to order some food.

Dedicated Parking Spots For Curbside Pick Up And Delivery Drivers

This location also features dedicated parking spots for curbside pick-up and delivery drivers so they can easily access customer orders without having to worry about finding a parking spot or dealing with traffic. This makes it easier for drivers not only to access customer orders but also improves safety by reducing traffic congestion around the restaurant. It also ensures that customer orders are delivered quickly and efficiently as possible.

McRobots to the Rescue or Robbing Humans of Jobs?

Automation is a no-brainer for McDonald's and we anticipate that this new robot-driven restaurant will be embraced around the world. For years, I loved in grabbing an early morning McMuffin; yet recently have steered clear of McDonald's due to poor customer service, long lines, and subpar food quality. Consequently, this new concept has been warmly welcomed! This automation trend is already leading to thousands of job losses in the fast food industry, potentially bringing an end to our current understanding of "fast food" shortly. Yet if a robot can out-perform a human workers, it is simply necessary that they are allowed to do so. When considering the benefits, automation allows for more consistent food quality, faster service and improved customer experience.

In addition to the potential efficiency gains from automation, McDonald's is taking a step forward in sustainability. RoboRonald-Run-Locations require fewer resources than human workers due to lower electricity usage, less waste and water consumption. This new concept has truly revolutionized fast food and McDonald's will lead the way forward.

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