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January 2, 2022
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How to Build a Google Chatbot with Google Business Messages

Chatbot Expert, Ryan Baggott, explains why Google Business Messages is useful in this new video tutorial and shows us exactly how to create a Google Chatbot.

How to Build a Google Chatbot | Google Business Messages Chatbot Build Tutorial ( Dec 2021)

This is a screenshot of Google Business Messages interface in 2021.

In this video training, Google Business Messages Expert Ryan Baggott explains why this software is useful, as well as how to create a Google Chatbot from the ground up.

By offering customers personalized messages via Google Business Messages, you may reach them where they are and engage with them in the format that's most effective for them.

This AI-powered channel can help your clients contact you using Google Search and Maps. Surprise and delight clients by utilizing the conversational element of Business Messages to increase your client base.

Make meaningful relationships that matter.

In 2022, companies in Bluffton and Hilton Head will be able to use AI-driven chatbots and other assistive technologies more readily than ever before. Today's considerably less expensive artificial intelligence technology gives you a lot of options, including improving customer response time, increasing support availability, and lowering costs.

At BaggottsBOTs Digital Marketing Agency in Bluffton, we build powerful digital agents to assist companies increase product sales, loyalty, and customer satisfaction through positive interactions. Chatbots developed by Google may help you save money while also improving customer response time while also allowing your support to be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Key Examples of How GBM Chatbots Provide Helpful, Timely, and Engaging Experiences

Learn how companies are interacting with consumers during their moments of need — delighting them and producing profitable business results.

  • Answer FAQs & customer inquiries about goods and services on the web.
  • Provide immediate access to purchase items from Google Search - now your customers don't even need to visit your website!
  • Track inquires over time for a better understanding of the customer journey
  • Integrate with other CMS platforms and systems

ChatBots Help Businesses in Bluffton & Hilton Head Better Serve Their Customers

Consumers are more likely to interact with a brand via public messaging platforms than through conventional channels, according to an April Brandwatch poll. In a recent survey, consumers were asked about their preferred mode of contact with businesses, and messaging apps outperformed older and traditional forms of B2C communication.

We think that Google's Business Messages platform will quickly gain popularity among conversational designers because it provides more flexibility and customization than other platforms. Furthermore, marketers can be certain that their brand messages will be consistent on both Search Engines and Social Media platforms.

Optimize the Customer Experience in the Lowcountry

Business owners can use Google Business Messages to ensure that customers get routed calls to personalized messaging and increase client satisfaction with CSAT data and feedback. This simple operational change can free up employees from being on the phone and provide your customer an overall better experience.

Chatbots & Web Design in Bluffton, SC Built By BaggottsBOTS

BaggottsBOTs is a digital marketing firm based in Bluffton, South Carolina that specializes on chatbots and website design. We can assist you in developing or optimizing your own Google Chatbot to help your business become even more successful when communicating with customers online. Contact us now at (843) 505-1657 if you'd like to learn more.

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