September 17, 2021

The Biggest Marketing Mistake to Avoid in 2022

The Biggest Marketing Mistake to Avoid in 2022

🤯 The Single Biggest Digital Marketing Mistake to AVOID

A Ferrari with an Empty Gas Tank Is Worthless on the Racetrack. The Same Applies  for Organic Social Media Reach in 2021.

- Ryan Baggott, owner of BaggottsBOTs in, Bluffton, South Carolina

Wanna know the super easy way anyone can absolutely SMOKE a brand new, 2021 Ferrari by driving a raggedy, beat-up 1999 Honda Civic? It’s actually super easy under the right conditions!

🤔 For example… what if the Ferrari and Honda were both at the starting line over at the racetrack, but only the Honda actually had gas in the tank? The answer is clear to us!

Let’s look at the facts….

FACT #1: If the Ferrari has no fuel, it will lose every single race against a Honda civic with a full tank. Every. Single. Time.

FACT #2: You'll never achieve serious social media marketing success that results in consistent sales & qualified leads if your Facebook & Instagram content doesn't include paid advertising (aka gas money ⛽️).

Organic Social Media is Dead. This is How You Stop Wasting Time and Money

Let's face it, organic reach on social media is a thing of the past.

I'm not sure why people think that simply posting some content on social media will automatically bring in more website traffic without paying for ads to power their social media post reach. To win the organic social media game, you must publish really incredible content on a regular basis--this is nearly impossible to accomplish for the overwhelming majority of businesses.

Going into 2022, restaurants and small businesses in Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, and Savannah will need to invest more money than ever before on paid digital media ads in order to be discovered on both search engines & social media.

With ever-changing dynamics and complexities, today's social media & digital marketing world can feel more even more difficult to navigate than ever before. This is why it's the smart move for Lowcountry & Costal Empire small businesses to partner up with the right Digital Marketing and Social Media Agency.

Again, the most common marketing mistake we see at our agency here in Bluffton is when restaurants & other small businesses do not make proper use of paid social media sponsored ads.

Not investing in the content you publish is as backwards as it is in our Ferrari example we previously discussed…

If you try to drive with only one foot on the accelerator & the other on the brake at the same time.. you will undoubtedly face massive failure!

Why are paid ads and Pro digital marketing even that important for local small businesses who want social media help in Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, Pooler, Savannah & beyond?

Simply put, if you don't have any paid advertising pushing your social media content to a wider audience, your stuff just doesn’t get seen. If you’re hoping to drive traffic to your websites or blog via your social posts, but nobody sees your posts, think of all that time, effort, and energy that’s just essentially been wasted. Nobody in the Lowcountry area I know enjoys throwing money away. But, very few leading business owners or general managers have the time it takes to truly grasp all of the intricacies of today’s digital landscape.

What’s worse: Google and other search engines will likely perceive your company as less authoritative in your business category and this decreases your search engine ranking. Google ranks sites with a lot of traffic much higher than those sites that only get a few visitors each month.

The Top Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Marketing Agency

At BaggottsBOTs Digital Marketing Agency, we truly enjoy becoming close friends with our local clients in Bluffton & Hilton Head. These business owners are typically the leaders of their industries here in the Lowcountry and we're proud to work for them. We've compiled a list of the top three reasons more and more restaurants and small business are choosing our Digital Marketing Agency:

  • high-quality content production that drives conversations and conversions
  • +10M in trackable revenue generated via our sponsored social media ad campaigns
  • world-class automation and artificial intelligence platform,

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Thanks for reading my blog!

-Ryan Baggott, owner of BaggottsBOTs Digital Marketing Agency.

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